Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ship's Log: May Meeting Minutes

Bonaventure's May meeting was held at Putt-Putt Golf after a lunch at Cook Out.

In attendance was Phillip, Richard, Janine, Chuck, Les, Katherine, Chris, Scott, Dana, Renee, Jill, Eric, and Elaine . Captain Phillip led the meeting.

The R1RC nomination was discussed. Les mentioned that he was running for a position and listed the names of other people who were also running.

IC 2009 will be in August at the Marriott Hotel at the airport. Bonaventure will be hosting.

The next order of business was the Bonaventure apparel reorder. We had an informal fashion show displaying the t-shirt, hat, and polo shirts with the ship's logo on them. T-shirts were $8.00 and the polos ranged from $12.00 up to around $21.00

The BIG news of the day was the planning for the Anniversary Party:

  • on June 14th at Gibson Park

  • Directions once you get to Gibson Park is to drive around 1 to 2 miles once you turn into the entrance. The street deadends into a bath house. Shelter 2 is on the right and there will be a giant Bonaventure Banner hanging over the shelter.

  • The fun starts at 2:00 for guests and runs until around 6:00.

  • Department Heads need to arrive at 1:00 to begin preparations.

  • The grill will start at 1:30

  • Door prizes will start at 2:00. The door prizes will be spaced out through out the entire event. T-shirts, patches, dvds and other goodies will be given away.

  • Door prize donations are welcome and encouraged!

  • A big thank you to Dan for creating the invitations and Diane for sending the invitations to all of the ships in N.C. and to some neigboring States. A good showing of over 50 guests is expecting.

  • Everyone must RSVP by June 6th so the proper amount of food can be purchased. You can send an email to or go to our new web site at for the physical address to rsvp.

  • Because of the number of people expected to attend it is BYOC- bring your own chair and any extra lawn chairs that you may have.

  • The cake adventure was discussed. Phillip has been battling secret alien agents who want to throw a road block in front of us having a decorated cake. Little did our foe know that you don't want to challenge the Bonaventure crew with the Prime +1 directive, which is eating and having fun. Phillip will be continuing the battle soon. Donations for the cake(s) are welcome.

  • Phillip has the list of food that Bonaventure members volunteered to bring in case you forget what you volunteered to bring.

  • If you plan to walk the trails, please remember that the trails do NOT circle back to the Shelter. (Sounds like a Romulan plot to me)

  • Bring your aluminum cans! Dan is recycling the cans to pay for a print copy of our AAWFO newsletter. Dan also needs submissions, and/or pictures for AAWFO by the end of May so it can be distributed at the picnic.
  • Official Awards both at the Fleet level and the Ship level will be given out at the picnic.

Think about what charity or charities you would like the USS Bonaventure to support in the upcoming year.

Richard gave a Stellar Con 2009 update. It will be at the Radisson hotel on March 13 - March 15. During Stellar Con 2008 the USS Bonaventure's Chuck and Scott beat KAG in the checkers challenge. We also beat KAG in the charity auction challenge.



  • Iron Man received wonderful reviews from the crew
  • Speed Racer was not seen because of poor word of mouth and bad reviews. Please post comments about this movie if you go see it.
  • Indiana Jones will be seen by the crew on Sunday afternoon, May 25th