Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ship's Log: June's 20th Anniversary Picnic/Meeting

The USS Bonaventure celebrated it's 20th Anniversary with a wonderful picnic for its June meeting. There was plenty of food, fun and friendship!

Captain Phillip welcomed over 50 people at the event. We had visitors from the USS Kitty Hawk, SF3, and Greensboro/SciFi Fantasy Fans

Door Prizes

The following prizes were given away: t-shirts, patches, comic books, audio books, dvds, an authentic ST call sheet, and the grand prize was the entire season of the animated Star Trek, the series were the USS Bonaventure received its name.

History of USS Bonaventure
Look under the tab "about the Bonaventure" for more information.


Disclaimer: I was so busy clapping that I wasn't able to write all of the awards details down. Please let me know the exact title of your awards and I will add the details. You may leave a comment on the blog or email me at

The Ship received a regional Communications Award.
Crew members receiving awards are:
Jill (service),
Rene (service/promotion to Captain),
Stephanie (service),
James (service),
Tony (service/librarian),
Eric (service, engineering)
Elaine (blog),
Gordon (service, blood donation),
Diane (service/blood donation),
Rachel (service- putting up with Phillip's friends :) ),
Anjanette (service- putting up with Scott's friends),
Lea (service/Regional Let Me Help award),
Kayla (Victory Junction),
Les (Service in Iraq),
Dan (service/communications),
Scott (service/advice),
Chuck (service)

Tim Rickard, creator of the comic, Brewster Rockit was made a honorary member of the USS Bonaventure

Upcoming Meetings in 2008 (usually the 2nd Saturday of every month at 2:00)

July 12 Mariott Hotel, at the PTI airport, Greensboro, NC 2:30 The Star Fleet International Conference 2009 meeting will be hosted there.

August 9 Mad Platter, 1514 N Main St, High Point, NC 27262 2:00

September 13 Ice Cream Social 2:00

October 11 Cookout 2:00

November 8 Science Center, Theater, Zoo, Greensboro 2:00

December 6 Christmas Party