Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ship's Log: March Meeting Minutes

First I would like to give a BIG shout out to everyone who set up and manned the USS Bonaventure table at the Stellar Con Convention. It was one of the best tables there! We had many convention goers stop by and ask about our organization. Unfortunately the hotel is going to charge for the table next year and it is undecided what our plans will be.

Chuck led the March 14th meeting.

In attendance at the March meeting: Scott M., Scott G., Chuck, Eric, James, Catherine, Elaine, Janine, Chris, Stephanie, Diane, Gordon, Charles the Klingon, unknown person because I can't read my hand writing (sorry!). Our guests were Mike, Dalhia (not sure about spelling) and Mary


The next meeting will be April 11 maybe at the Kernersville Library.

There will be a Department Heads meeting at Joe Muggs/Books-A-Million, Greensboro, 2pm at Guilford College and Bryan Blvd on April 25.

The May 2 meeting will be at Stratford St Krispy Kreme Donuts in Winston Salem.

May 8- is the ST: Movie Premiere activities both at the High Point Palladium and the Burlington Alamance Crossing. The times will be after work Friday and Saturday. Please let Philip or Scott know which one you will be attending.

June Annual Anniversary Meeting will be indoors this time. Do you want to check out meeting at a breakout room at (Radisson) Hotel High Point? Or other place?

July- Do we want a cookout again? Where?

IC2009- August. It will be at the Airport Marriott. We will man our table and help registration Thursday night through Saturday afternoon. Then Bonaventure meeting 2pm Saturday. Do we want cafe, meeting room if available or hotel room? Remember banquets Friday and Saturday nights.

Other News:

Mike updated us about the uniforms. He will be using velcro not buttons. The uniforms will be made from smallest to largest. Eric showed off part of the costume. If you need other items you can check out the (spelling may be wrong). Eric has the receipt book. The last amount is due upon receipt of the uniform.

Sorry- Scott this message didn't get posted in time. But Scott M. needed submissions for our newsletter by yesterday. You may still be able to submit items. Email Scott for the details. He is looking for 20 year retrospective items and fan art.

Scott is putting together group promotional posters promoting people joining Star Fleet to be displayed at upcoming events.

Dan Johnson and other USS Bonaventure members like Scott Gibson entertained the convention goers at several panels. There was standing room only at the ST:The New Movie panel!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Communication Log: Win a "free" Star Wars Encyclopedia

From the Del Rey Internet Newsletter:

DRIN - Del Rey Internet Newsletter - December, 2008

"Win one of five Free copies of THE COMPLETE STAR WARS ENCYCLOPEDIA! Post our THE COMPLETE STAR WARS ENCYCLOPEDIA widget on your website or blog and be eligible to win one of five finished copies of THE COMPLETE STAR WARS ENCYCLOPEDIA. Click here to add the THE COMPLETE STAR WARS ENCYCLOPEDIA widget to your website or blog, then fill out the form indicating the URL where you posted the widget by midnight on Monday, December 15, 2008. We will randomly select five winners who will receive a finished copy of the book."

The prize is valued from $75.00 to $125.00 depending on where you buy it!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ship's Log: Dec Meeting Minutes

The Dec 6th Christmas Party was held at Diane and Gordon's home. Everyone had a fun time! In attendance at the December meeting: Diane, Gordon, Chris, Eric, Rene, Rene G., Jill, Cat, Karen, Kurt, Phillip, Scott, Chuck, Elaine, Rachel, and Richard.

The food was excellent! We "feasted" on Chick filet chicken strips, homemade chocolate cake and apple pie, pin wheels, oreos, candy, nuts and much more. There was even warm cider to take off the chill. (It snowed for several minutes around 5pm!)

Captain Phillip discussed several agenda items:

Time is running out to reorder Bonaventure stuff, please let Phillip know if you are interested. See prices in the previous November 9th blog.

January 17 will be the next meeting. We will meet at Borders in Greensboro on the corner of High Point and Holden to car pool to Burlington. The January Meeting will be at Heroes Haven, which is right besides Mayberry's.

Continue working on roleplaying and ship designs.

We watched the Star Trek Trailer 2 (the one with old Spock in it) and critiqued it and what we think of the rumors about the upcoming movie. There were varying opinions. Most people were going to keep an open mind when they saw the movie.

We played Star Trek Santa or Dirty Ferengi depending on how politically correct you are. All the gifts were placed in the middle of the room and we drew numbers to see who would go first. Some gifts were stolen often like the Star Wars Yoda toy, the Hallmark Star Trek Communicator and the Next Generation Comic books. I'm looking forward to reading the book about Roddenberry I stole called "Star Trek Creator". Everyone had a good time, maybe people would like to comment on who they think best displayed Ferengi behavior. Of course, we ordered by our Captain to steal so we all have an excuse.... Eric requested more Star Trek instead of Star Wars toys for next year's Christmas party.

Diane and Gordon organized a Christmas card signing for our troops. Thank you Diane and Gordon for organizing that event and inviting us to your home.

Dan will send an email about the group getting together next weekend to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still.

It started to snow around 5:00 and I left at that time because I had a long shuttle ride home.

If you took pictures at the party please email them to me so I can post them.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ship's Log: November Meeting Minutes

Captain Phillip presided over the November 8th meeting at the Natural Science Center in Greensboro. The crew had a wonderful time at the Science Center. Stephanie was gave us a special tour of the inside animals (tortoise, spiders (Stephanie had rescued a Mexican fireleg tarantula and had donated it to the center), bugs, vampire bats (small but scary- they had bowls of bovine blood in the cage). We also had fun seeing the outside animals, tigers, South American wolves,an anteater, and other cute animals.

In attendance were: Scott, Chuck, Eric, Richard, Elaine, Gordon, Diane, Chris- with his two sons, Kip and Lane, Phillip, Rachel, Dan, Jill, Rene, and a call in "hello" from James. We had two guests attend Rene and Amanda. Special guide: Stephanie!

The December Meeting will be on the first Saturday, December 6th. It will be our Christmas party meeting at Diane and Gordon's House starting at 2:00 p.m. Dan will send directions and there will be a car pool to their house.

We will be playing Star Trek Santa or the politically incorrect name of Dirty Ferengi. Each person should bring a gift from the $0 to $5 range. It may be handmade, Dollar Store, or a regift from last year. Please do not feel you can not attend if you do not have a gift. Extra gifts will be brought so everyone can play the point is to have fun! The Captain said there needed to be more stealing of prizes this year.

Snack food- we have some people already bringing food so please bring drinks, chips and desserts. Check with Dan or Diane for anything special to bring.

The ship will be taking prepaid orders for Bonaventure stuff at the Christmas party. Please bring cash and order form. Please add tax to the following prices:
$08.00 Bonaventure t-shirt
$12.00 Bonaventure cap
$15.00 Bonaventure sweatshirt
$15.00 Bonaventure briefcase
$18.00 Bonaventure polo shirt
$20.00 Bonaventure gear bag
$22.00 Bonaventure hoodie

The January 17th meeting will be on the 3rd Saturday in January. It is currently scheduled for Heroes Haven in Burlington. If you want a Monster Maroon uniform ready for the IDC come ready to be fitted and the first installment of $25.00. We will be car pooling again and meeting at Borders.

Next Department Head Meeting will be in February. February's regular meeting is yet to be decided.

The March Meeting will coincide with Stellar Con, which is the 2nd weekend in March. We will meet in the hotel lobby so if you do not wish to attend the convention you will not have to pay. Richard encouraged us to have a Star Trek panel. The crew would receive a 10% discount if 10 or more pay with one check.

Contact Dan if you wish to be in one of the Christmas parades in ST uniform:
Saturday, November 22 Burlington 9:00am
Friday, December 5 Mebane 5:00pm
Saturday, December 6 Graham 9:00am
Saturday, December 13 Gibsonville 2:00pm

Charity Events:
Eric gave a shout out for the Triad Health Winter 3 mile Walk on December 7th in Greensbor that is raising money to find a cure for Aids/HIV

Dan gave a shout out for the crew to help with Urban Ministries Food Drive. He would like the crew to set up at a Food Lion and ask for food and contributions for this charity.

Quantum of Solace Group Times:
James Bond rules! The group will be meeting at the following times and places to see the movie:

Saturday at the High Point Palladium for the 4:55 showing
Sunday at the High Point Palladium for the 2:20 showing.

Come early tickets are sure to sell out fast! They are already preselling them at theatres.

Poll Results
The favorite Star Trek series poll ended in a tie with 2 votes for the Original series, 2 votes for Next Gen and 1 vote for Enterprise.

The favorite Dr. Who poll ended with Eccleston winning with 2 votes and a past doctor receiving 1 vote. I know many people said that David was their favorite doctor but they didn't vote so Chris won! Yea!

This week's poll is for your favorite James Bond actor. Vote!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Communication Log: Dr. Who Leaving Series

Bad news for Dr. Who fans- Tennant is leaving!

"He will appear in a Christmas special and four hour-long episodes to be aired in 2009 and early 2010. But he said Wednesday that when the series returns for a full season in 2010, "it won't be with me."

Read the entire article "Say what? Tennant Leaving Dr. Who" at MSNBC

Take the poll, which Dr. Who is your favorite! If you choose the "past doctor" option add a comment to this post to say which one is your favorite! Everyone should vote!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ship's Log: USS Bonaventure mentioned in Starfleet Communique several times!

USS Bonaventure was mentioned several times in the Star Fleet Communicator!

1. Our 20th Anniversary Picnic was featured in the article "USS Bonaventure Celebrates Twenty Years as a Starfleet Chapter" with several color pictures. Also take a look at "Creator of Brewster Rockit Made Honorary member of the USS Bonaventure". You can read both of Dan Johnson's articles submitted by Charles Rizzo on page 7 or see images here. Thanks Dan for giving this blog a shout out!

2. In the "What an IC!" article on page 22 and 23, the USS Bonaventure hosting of the next IC is mentioned in the last paragraph, "But now I'm thinking about signing up for IC'09 in Greensboro, North Carolina in August!"

3. On page 25 in the article "Starfleet Takes the Cake" a picture of our out of this world decorated cake with the USS Bonaventure on it is displayed.

There are many other interesting articles in this issue of Starfleet Communique. I enjoyed reading the article "My New Feelings about Star Trek X1" on page 20. I can't wait for the movie! Please take a moment to complete the poll as to which Star Trek series is your favorite! I just learned how to put a poll on my blog. There was only room for four choices so if ST: Voyager is your favorite show you can start a write in campaign in the comments section. Everyone should vote!

Ship's Log: Great Conventions! Monster Con and Paper Heroes

USS Bonaventure had fun and successful recruitment drives at both Monster Con (Oct 4 & 5) and Paper Heroes Con (Oct 17, 18, 19).

Monster Con in Concord allowed free entry if you were in uniform. So the majority of the USS Bonaventure crew where dressed in their Star Fleet uniforms. Hopefully the crew member who took the group photo will send it to me so I can post it.

Paper Heroes Con in Burlington was a weekend of fun! See the photo of Eric and Chris representing the USS Bonaventure.

Dan will be submitting his interview he did with Robert Harris and William Jones (two guests at the convention) about their working with Scott Bakula when he was here in North Carolina shooting the USA made for television movie Above Suspicion.

More pictures from Paper Heroes Con and Monster Con will appear in the Communique.