Monday, December 8, 2008

Ship's Log: Dec Meeting Minutes

The Dec 6th Christmas Party was held at Diane and Gordon's home. Everyone had a fun time! In attendance at the December meeting: Diane, Gordon, Chris, Eric, Rene, Rene G., Jill, Cat, Karen, Kurt, Phillip, Scott, Chuck, Elaine, Rachel, and Richard.

The food was excellent! We "feasted" on Chick filet chicken strips, homemade chocolate cake and apple pie, pin wheels, oreos, candy, nuts and much more. There was even warm cider to take off the chill. (It snowed for several minutes around 5pm!)

Captain Phillip discussed several agenda items:

Time is running out to reorder Bonaventure stuff, please let Phillip know if you are interested. See prices in the previous November 9th blog.

January 17 will be the next meeting. We will meet at Borders in Greensboro on the corner of High Point and Holden to car pool to Burlington. The January Meeting will be at Heroes Haven, which is right besides Mayberry's.

Continue working on roleplaying and ship designs.

We watched the Star Trek Trailer 2 (the one with old Spock in it) and critiqued it and what we think of the rumors about the upcoming movie. There were varying opinions. Most people were going to keep an open mind when they saw the movie.

We played Star Trek Santa or Dirty Ferengi depending on how politically correct you are. All the gifts were placed in the middle of the room and we drew numbers to see who would go first. Some gifts were stolen often like the Star Wars Yoda toy, the Hallmark Star Trek Communicator and the Next Generation Comic books. I'm looking forward to reading the book about Roddenberry I stole called "Star Trek Creator". Everyone had a good time, maybe people would like to comment on who they think best displayed Ferengi behavior. Of course, we ordered by our Captain to steal so we all have an excuse.... Eric requested more Star Trek instead of Star Wars toys for next year's Christmas party.

Diane and Gordon organized a Christmas card signing for our troops. Thank you Diane and Gordon for organizing that event and inviting us to your home.

Dan will send an email about the group getting together next weekend to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still.

It started to snow around 5:00 and I left at that time because I had a long shuttle ride home.

If you took pictures at the party please email them to me so I can post them.

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