Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ship's Log: March Meeting Minutes

First I would like to give a BIG shout out to everyone who set up and manned the USS Bonaventure table at the Stellar Con Convention. It was one of the best tables there! We had many convention goers stop by and ask about our organization. Unfortunately the hotel is going to charge for the table next year and it is undecided what our plans will be.

Chuck led the March 14th meeting.

In attendance at the March meeting: Scott M., Scott G., Chuck, Eric, James, Catherine, Elaine, Janine, Chris, Stephanie, Diane, Gordon, Charles the Klingon, unknown person because I can't read my hand writing (sorry!). Our guests were Mike, Dalhia (not sure about spelling) and Mary


The next meeting will be April 11 maybe at the Kernersville Library.

There will be a Department Heads meeting at Joe Muggs/Books-A-Million, Greensboro, 2pm at Guilford College and Bryan Blvd on April 25.

The May 2 meeting will be at Stratford St Krispy Kreme Donuts in Winston Salem.

May 8- is the ST: Movie Premiere activities both at the High Point Palladium and the Burlington Alamance Crossing. The times will be after work Friday and Saturday. Please let Philip or Scott know which one you will be attending.

June Annual Anniversary Meeting will be indoors this time. Do you want to check out meeting at a breakout room at (Radisson) Hotel High Point? Or other place?

July- Do we want a cookout again? Where?

IC2009- August. It will be at the Airport Marriott. We will man our table and help registration Thursday night through Saturday afternoon. Then Bonaventure meeting 2pm Saturday. Do we want cafe, meeting room if available or hotel room? Remember banquets Friday and Saturday nights.

Other News:

Mike updated us about the uniforms. He will be using velcro not buttons. The uniforms will be made from smallest to largest. Eric showed off part of the costume. If you need other items you can check out the (spelling may be wrong). Eric has the receipt book. The last amount is due upon receipt of the uniform.

Sorry- Scott this message didn't get posted in time. But Scott M. needed submissions for our newsletter by yesterday. You may still be able to submit items. Email Scott for the details. He is looking for 20 year retrospective items and fan art.

Scott is putting together group promotional posters promoting people joining Star Fleet to be displayed at upcoming events.

Dan Johnson and other USS Bonaventure members like Scott Gibson entertained the convention goers at several panels. There was standing room only at the ST:The New Movie panel!