Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ship's Log: September Meeting - Response Needed for Uniforms

Captain Phillip presided over the September USS Bonaventure Meeting at the Burlington Mayberry's. We all enjoyed various delicious ice cream treats!

Then we visited the Heroes Haven Comic Book store next store. The group was treated to a fashion show by Scott Gibson as he modeled the latest in Federation Uniforms.

The group has a great opportunity to obtain wonderful maroon uniforms at a special group rate. It so good we can't publish it on the Internet.

Please contact Dan, Phillip, or any department head that was in attendance to get the pricing information and to let them know if you would like to purchase one.

In attendance were both Scotts, Bill, Dan, Catherine, Elaine, Chris, Eric, Diane, Gordon, Phillip, Chuck and one new member Kevin and one possible new member Brad. Welcome Kevin and Brad to our meeting!

Reorder USS Bonaventure items! Now is the time to let Phillip know if you would like to order or reorder any items with the USS Bonaventure logo such as shirts, hats, brief case or patches.

What department do you want to be in? This is your chance to give input on how your corner of the ship will look. Examples are Medical also called biological sciences, Science, Engineering, Marines, Communications etc.

Materials needed by September 27 for the Anniversary Issue of our Newsletter! Use your creativity, draw pictures, tell stories, write reports or reviews. We need your input! Please remember to bring your used cans because we are using our recycling as a means to get money. Of course, money donations are also welcome.

The new Star Trek movie was discussed!

If you take pictures at our meetings please email them to me so I can post them on my blog.


Renaissance Fair- September 20 in Burlington, NC. Sponsored by Heroes Haven and it will be in their parking lot.

Monster Con- October 4 & 5 in Concord, NC
The USS Bonaventure will be setting up a table and our very own writer, Dan Johnson will be a guest at the event.

The October 11th meeting will be at Leah's house, which is close to where the August meeting was off Lexington Street. Dan will be sending directions closer to the meeting. We will be having a "left over" anniversary cookout. There were plenty of hot dogs, hamburgers and buns left over from our June picnic. Dan will be sending out an email to see what everyone would like to bring to the cookout. The time will be 1:00ish for people helping with the cooking and 2:00 for others.

Paper Heroes Con- October 17 -19 in Burlington, NC
The USS Bonaventure will be setting up a table and Dan Johnson will be a guest at the event.

Halloween Party? Does anyone have ideas for a Halloween get together? Please email Dan or Philip if you have any suggestions.

The November 8th meeting will be at the Science Center at 2:00 p.m.

The December 6th Christmas Party/Meeting will be at Diane's and Gordon's home. We will be playing the Dirty Ferengi game. Everyone brings a small gift (at the $5.00) range. The first person picks a gift. Then each person after the first person can "steal" a gift from someone else or open a new gift. It is great fun!