Friday, October 31, 2008

Ship's Log: USS Bonaventure mentioned in Starfleet Communique several times!

USS Bonaventure was mentioned several times in the Star Fleet Communicator!

1. Our 20th Anniversary Picnic was featured in the article "USS Bonaventure Celebrates Twenty Years as a Starfleet Chapter" with several color pictures. Also take a look at "Creator of Brewster Rockit Made Honorary member of the USS Bonaventure". You can read both of Dan Johnson's articles submitted by Charles Rizzo on page 7 or see images here. Thanks Dan for giving this blog a shout out!

2. In the "What an IC!" article on page 22 and 23, the USS Bonaventure hosting of the next IC is mentioned in the last paragraph, "But now I'm thinking about signing up for IC'09 in Greensboro, North Carolina in August!"

3. On page 25 in the article "Starfleet Takes the Cake" a picture of our out of this world decorated cake with the USS Bonaventure on it is displayed.

There are many other interesting articles in this issue of Starfleet Communique. I enjoyed reading the article "My New Feelings about Star Trek X1" on page 20. I can't wait for the movie! Please take a moment to complete the poll as to which Star Trek series is your favorite! I just learned how to put a poll on my blog. There was only room for four choices so if ST: Voyager is your favorite show you can start a write in campaign in the comments section. Everyone should vote!

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