Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ship's Log- Friday & Saturday Clone War Movie Times

(Hi Everyone, I'm reposting Eric's message in case you are not on the email list. Happy Viewing! Elaine :) )

Hello, all! If I've missed anyone, I apologize. If I've included anyone who isn't interested...well, that's what you get for coming to the cookout and signing the contact list.

If any of you are interested and have the time (and money), we're getting a group up to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars this Friday, 15 August at the Palladium Cinemas at Wendover and Penny Road in High Point. The showtime we're planning is 19:15 (7:15 PM for those of you who don't like the 24 hour clock). I just checked, and you can get tickets online if you don't mind the surcharge (I think it's $1 per ticket). Or if you prefer, just drop by the box office. I'm not sure how hot this is going to be, but I would suggest getting advanced tickets just in case. Prices for evening shows should be $9 for adults. If you think this is too much (and I might agree for some shows), we're also planning a Saturday afternoon matinee. If you're interested, let me know so I can send out a showtime.

So if you want to join us and catch the show, we'll be meeting at the theater around 18:30 (OK, 6:30 PM). And yes, I'm taking off work that day. So this may be your only chance to see me out of my native environment during the week.

Hope to see you all there!


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