Sunday, January 20, 2008

Communication Log: A young red shirt? A review of Brewster Rockit Space Guy Comic

If you like gentle satire of science fiction shows you need to read Tim Rickard’s "Brewster Rockit Space Guy- Close Encounters of the Worst Kind" comic collection book. I received this book for Christmas and really laughed as I read it.

You will follow the comic adventures of the handsome "idiot" captain, his wise woman science officer, the mad doctor, the "lazy" engineer and a wacky assortment of aliens. While the "kid" side kick, Winky, wears a blue shirt in the comic his misadventures foreshadow a short life as a red shirt.

No show is safe from Rickard’s wit whether it is Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Lost in Space, Alien, Wizard of Oz or the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man" See for yourself, his daily strip can be viewed at

Our own Dan has supplied scripts for two comics in this series. You can see the "Dr Who" themed comics at

Rickard lives in Greensboro and will be attending the Heroes convention later this year.

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