Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ship's Log: March Meeting 3-15-08

Bonaventure's March Meeting was held at Stellarcon in the lobby of the Radisson Hotel.

The Bonaventure fan table so steady traffic all day. Our new banner was above our table and we showed fan films, remastered Star Trek episodes

The group also ran an ad in the Stellarcon program inviting people to our 20th Anniversary Celebration Picnic at Gibson Park in Jamestown, NC (see link for map). Gibson Park is off Wendover, near Palladium Theatres. The entrance is beside the Deep River Pet Hospital. The picnic will be on June 14th at 2:00 pm.

Also in the ad was our new web site at

Attending the meeting was Phillip, Scott, Eric, Elaine, Chris, Dan, Jennifer, Wendell, Robert, Tony, Chuck and several Klingons from KAG

Phillip talked about the new banner, new logo, and new ship design (1st ship of the new Emissary Class Heavy Cruiser design). He explained how the logo and design were a combination of future technology and the traditional look.

Department Heads: Reports need to go to Dan by the end of the month. Each department should keep on working on how you want your department to look. Each department may have a different logo for their department.

New less expensive patches were located, the only catch is that 100 has to be ordered. 3 inch patches are $3.00 and 3 1/2 inch patches are $3.40.

Hats and Shirts were given out. Royal Blue was used in the hats and part of the logo because navy blue was too dark.

Upcoming Events:

April Meeting: On April 12th we will meet at Shoney's (I-40 & Hwy 68) at 2:00, get there before 2:00 if you want the breakfast buffet.

Zombie Con: On March 29th at the Clarion Hotel off 40. Admission is $5.00

May Meeting: On May 10th at the Cookout on North Main St besides the Putt Putt. At 2:00 we will eat lunch at Cookout and then we walk next door and play Putt Putt.

ConCarolinas: On May 30th - June 1st. Picardo had to cancel because he is now a regular on StarGate: Atlantis.

June Meeting: 20th Anniversary celebration picnic at Gibson Park in Jamestown, NC. See opening of minutes for map link and directions.

September Meeting: Mayberry Day

Kela and other Klingons came by for the challenge checkers match.

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JymmWest said...

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the 20th Anniversary Picnic. My birthday is June 20th so seeing everyone will be like an early B-day present for me!