Sunday, February 3, 2008

Communication Log- Sci Fi Channel 45 is showing Star Trek All Day! Which episode is your favorite?

The Sci Fi Channel 45 is showing Star Trek episodes all day today (Sunday)! As you watch them you may want to think about which are your favorite episodes. When Star Trek: The Tour comes to the East coast you will be able to place yourself in any of the original Star Trek episodes as an extra and see yourself on a dvd with the original cast.

I'm trying to narrow it down to it down to 5 to 10 episodes. Which ones would you want to appear in?

My favorite has to be Mirror, Mirror

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Tony said...

Hi Diane and everyone,

My fave episode of all time is "Mirror, Mirror" as well. Lt. Uhura's best moment in the series hands down. Two other faves are "The Tholian Web" and "Requiem For Methuselah"