Thursday, February 14, 2008

The What The Hell con was small but charming. I enjoyed myself. What did you think about the convention?

I arrived Saturday around 10:30am. I watched the sword fighting and found it entertaining. I would not want to have all of that armor on. I imagine it would get hot and uncomfortable.

I found the dealer's room. Unfortunately there were not many dealers, mainly authors trying to sell their books. Acme Comics was the only "store" there. They were having a 50% off sale but I didn't see anything I wanted.

I attended the scifi writing class at 11:00am. It was a great class where we concentrated on getting our opening line for our story just perfect. Mae and Jerrod were funny and gave useful advice.

At 12:00 I attended the film making class. The director of Geekin talked informally with us. I asked his advice for inexpensive equipment that my Technology Club at school could use. It was a shame I couldn't see his movie because it was airing the same time as the Bonaventure meeting.

After the film class, I went to visit Dan Johnson at his own table in the Artist gallery. I ran into Diane and Gordon at Dan's table and we talked for several minutes.

At 2:00 I headed over to Jam's for the "lunch" part of the Bonaventure meeting. Because Jam's did not have seats that could be moved we returned to Dana auditorium for the meeting. It was a beautiful day but just a little chilly.

I returned on Sunday for a Video Game Design class by the writer of Snood. It was interesting. For a "free" convention I had a nice time.

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seemman said...

Bless Holoship
A report on Feb 9 2008
What A Hell of A Convention .
Part 4

Before starting my report . I do want to ask everyone please remember anime member Rantia Peeler today. I saw her today . Rantia recently broke her left arm and foot in a fall.

The Bonaventure were going have there meeting at a restaurant . But they could not get tables together so instead we had the meeting on the door steps of Guliford College at What A Hell Of A Convention. I was able to make a sugestion to Bonaventure that they need to add a convention
/ events calander to there e mail newsletter. This helps me keep up on what is going on in Greensboro or High Point . Sometimes I find my self out of the loop on things . If you wanted to check out the Bonaventure blog . Please go to this address.

In my last report I talked about Ghostbusters starring Larry Storch,
Forrest Tucker, Bob Burns. Well that whole series is out on dvd.
Here is the web site:

Going back to the Bonaventure meeting that Sat . I learned that
Star Trek : The Experience( The Exibition) would visit North Carolina two times .One time will be in Raleigh and the another in Charlotte
North Carolina. The dates have not been set up yet. Best to check out more information at this web site.

Oh by the way my blog counter said that 35,134 people visited it.

I just got this wonderful letter the other day and id like to share it with you .

Hi Robert,
I have enjoyed your reports on the con.
Have a nice week!


Thank you Elaine.

Well that about it for this report. If you wanted check out
NC Rowan County Anime Group just go to this web site:

This coming Feb 24 th Sunday is my brithday.

May you have a very good day.

Robert Clyde Allen Artist
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