Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ship's Log February 9th Meeting

The February Bonaventure Meeting was held at Guilford College after meeting at Jam's Deli for lunch. Scott Gibson presided over the meeting.

14 people attended: Scott, Eric, Stephanie, Robert, Chuck, Diane, Gordon, Tony, Chris, Rene, Jill, Richard, Elaine and Dan

What do you want to see in the AAWFO?
People mentioned that they liked the online newsletter. Suggestions for future items were a convention list and more participation from everyone. Diane asked what health issues should be covered in the medical section.

Service Ideas
Several charities were discussed such as blood drive, rest home visits, manning balloon at Christmas parade, and a can food drive at the Star Trek movie premiere.

Official announcement of ship upgrade
The USS Bonaventure is now officially an emissary class, sector control ship. We were able to keep the same number that we have had for almost 20 years, 102A

Stellar Con
We will have a table and will show New Voyages episodes. The March meeting will be on Saturday, March 15 in the lobby of the Radisson so you will not have to pay admission to attend. The meeting will start at 2:00pm. Cost to attend Stellar Con is Friday- $15.00, Saturday- $25.00, Sunday- $20.00 or Weekend pass- $$37.00. For Stellar Con questions you may contact Richard at

Web Site
The web site needs to be registered. It will cost $27.00 per year for the web site. Many members made donations of $2.00 each. More donations are needed.

Clothing Sale
Money was collected for items with the USS Bonaventure logo on them. Tshirts up to 1x are $8.00, hats are $12.00, sweatshirts are $15.00 and patches are $14.50. Scott is going to check to see if he can find patches less expensive at a different place.

Trek News
The Star Trek movie trailer is online. A point of discussion was the fact that it showed the Enterprise being built on land instead of in space. The movie may have multiple time lines as Spock tries to save Kirk from being killed by the Romulans.

At you are able to see the new Mego toys. They retail for $18.00 each.

Raleigh and Charlotte are listed as tentative cities for the Star Trek: the Tour. The group will "road trip" to the closest location. Other destinations mentioned were the Zoo, the NC Battleship, and the Transportation Museum.

Gordon Craighead was promoted to Ensign. Congratulations!

Live Long and Prosper! Pictures will be posted when received by our "official" photographer Scott.

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