Monday, February 18, 2008

Must See Vigilante TV

I must be a vigilante sympathizer because I have really been enjoying some tv shows that seem to have the vigilante (one who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands) theme occuring in them. Maybe it is because true justice seems so rare in our society today. What tv shows are you watching?

Dexter- Sundays at 10pm
Dan recommended watching Dexter. Since I usually like the shows that Dan recommends I decided to watch although I was a little hestitant thinking that a drama about a serial killer would be a downer. Actually it was very funny in a dark sort of way. It was satisfying to see "evil" killers get their due. Dexter is a serial killer who only kills other serial killers. He is an outsider who doesn't "get" other humans but he is good at "faking" or fitting in. I will definitely be watching future episodes.

Lost- Thursdays at 9pm
I enjoyed this past episode where Sayeed gives back a little bit of what the Losties have been getting. Instead of waiting to see what the Others are going to do to them, Sayeed in both the present and the future takes action. I can't wait to see how this story is going to turn out.

Prison Break- Mondays at 8pm
Although the season finale was not bad, it was not as good as past finales. I think it was because of the writer's strike that this episode was being used as a finale.

Terminator- Mondays at 9pm
This show is a hit or miss. Some episodes have been very good and some episodes have been fair. I do not think it would have lasted this long if the writer's strike was not going on. Once it has "competition" against it (anything new on tv), I think the ratings will drop. I do like Summer Glau (from Serenity/Firefly/4400) and the mom, Lena ? (from 300).

What are you watching?

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Dan Johnson said...

Glad you liked Dexter. Trust me, the best is yet to come! The first season has an underlining story arc that leads into the current season very nicely.

Have to admit, I haven't been keeping up with Terminator. I want to like the show, but...